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Tsovet Watches

August 26, 2008
TSOVET - SVT-CS79 #CS311010 ($385)

Tsovet SVT-CS79 ($385)

So my holy grail of watches is probably a Panerai Luminor Marina, but until I have a few grand burning a hole in my pocket, I won’t have one around my wrist.  What I like about Panerai is the design inspiration drawn from old U-Boat watches.  So you can imagine my delight when I ran across these Tsovet watches which have all the maritime nods without the pricetag.  Tsovet was started by David Bonaventura, who also founded Vestal.  Vestal is nothing special to me, pretty much like a rehashed Nixon, but it seems that Bonaventura got something right when he did Tsovet.  While it still feels a bit contrived, I can’t deny the aesthetics of the watches.  More pictures and where to order after the fold.