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iPod Speaker: The Phonofone II

August 12, 2008
Not for the light of wallet.

Not for the light of wallet.

Modeled after the gramophone and designed by Tristan Zimmerman, Science & Sons has released a speaker that doesn’t require batteries or a power cord.  It is made entirely out of ceramic and works by passively amplifying the audio from your portable music device’s headphones to volumes up to 55 decibels (which is the equivalent of a normal conversation).  Probably the most elegantly designed iPod speaker I’ve seen, but the price makes the Phonofone II prohibitive.  There is a black version as well, but it is limited to 200 pieces and will run you $600.  White, on the other hand, will only cost you $500.  Time to pawn off your kidney.  More pictures, including the limited black version and a diagram of how it works, as well as where you can burn your money, after the fold.