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IKEA Hacks and Mods

August 3, 2009
Made from 12 $4.99 Lampan Lamps

Made from 12 $4.99 Lampan Lamps

First of all, I apologize for not blogging in a very, very long time! However, I bring you very cool stuff this time. While scouring the internet for methods of cheaply decorating my apartment (without it looking like all the IKEA catalogue clones in NYC) I came across an interesting idea. IKEA “hacks” basically take IKEA’s stuff and modify it to make better stuff. For example, this Lampan lamp made from 12 of the little guys, making a glorious dodecahedron (but 3D) of light! There are many other hacks just like this, which require a simple trip to your local IKEA and some time. More details after the fold!