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Line Describing a Cone

March 4, 2009

Created in 1973 by Anthony McCall, “Line Describing a Cone” is one of my recently discovered favorite works of art.  At its most basic form, it is a 16mm film that shows a dot of light which slowly travels the route of a full circle, leaving a trail along the thirty minute duration.  This may seem mundane, but “Line Describing a Cone” is considered a “solid light film.”  What brings the piece to life is the presence of smoke in the room, illuminating the normally invisible path of light forming a cone with the base on the wall and the point at the projector.  Further, this is a fully interactive piece, presented without seating, allowing the audience to play with the light, blocking it, walking through it, etc.  Originally designed to work with a room filled naturally by dust and casual cigarette smoke from patrons, a fog machine produces the same effect in more recent incarnations.  More pictures after the fold.