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Sorry for not posting lately, I have been swamped with moving in to my dorm.  I promise more frequent updates now that I have done most of the move in work.  This post may be redundant to some, but I’ve heard from enough people that they don’t know about the function of “reading the rest of the entry” to warrant this post.  Whenever I say “after the fold,” I mean to click through to the full post.  Most of the time, I abridge the post’s appearance on the front page and reserve extra details for the click-through.  So, if you haven’t yet, I would suggest clicking through on the posts that interest you!

See, wasn’t that easy? Now go do it for all the other posts!


One Response to “Read the rest of this entry”

  1. hellamillimeters Says:

    bogus post haha. i got all stoked to read something. post something else!!!!!

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