Rasterbator + Art = Awesome

Rasterbator + Art = Awesome

It’s not what it sounds like.  The Rasterbator is a program that creates huge rasterized images from any picture.  It expands the picture and breaks it down into 8.5″ x 11″ pages that are printable from your own printer.  A couple years ago, I took Banksy’s “Chalk Farm Maid” and turned it into a giant poster for my room (pictured above).  The Rasterbator is a really cool way to make giant art that would normally break the bank at Kinko’s or a poster store for pennies on the dollar.  You can also get creative with the images, put them on your ceiling, wallpaper your room, have the images interact with things in your room, etc.  In summation, the Rasterbator is the perfect solution to make your room awesome if you a.) can’t afford posters and/or b.) are sick of the stock, overused posters plastered in seemingly every college dorm.  More pictures of creative Rasterbator uses and a disclaimer after the fold.

A clavier on a wardrobe

A clavier on a wardrobe.

Tastefully done and individually framed

Tastefully done and individually framed.

Awesome stairs and cropping.

Stair porn and cool cropping.

DISCLAIMER: It is very easy to make the final product look horrible.  You should do measurements and lay out the placement before putting up the first piece of paper, and it will probably take you awhile, depending on how big your poster is (mine took a few hours).

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One Response to “Rasterbator”

  1. Maya Says:

    I recommend using larger paper if available, as long as you make sure you have the milimeter measurements correct. Any Harvard peeps reading this, you can print COLOR 11×17 sheets in the science center on nice paper for like 20 cents a page…

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