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One of my recent favorites

If you haven’t seen this website yet, it’s pretty rad.  The basic premise is simple: people post pictures of their outfits and can comment on or “hype” others’.  I was thinking about starting a similar website, and then BAM… ran across this site.  It started in March, so it’s only a few months old, but it’s got a dedicated and fast-growing community and a lot of people with style (greater amount of people without style, but that’s of no concern).  It’s not all girls too, there are some guys, but the male style is rather… well let’s just say it’s a self-selecting pool of males for a website like this.  Great place to find inspiration or judge people, your choice.  It’s invite only right now but if you leave a comment wth your email address, I’ll shoot you one (and then delete your email address from the comment afterwards).  Check it out.

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One Response to “Lookbook.nu”

  1. Ming Says:

    sounds intriguing 😉


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