Cloak A/W ’04

Fencing jacket

Fencing jacket

Pretty much awesome.  Kudos to Alexander Plokhov and Robert Geller for their groundbreaking design.  It’s a shame that Cloak didn’t last very long, but I think Robert Geller has continued to sprinkle his greatness around with his own line (which has my favorite bits of the Cloak collection).  Plokhov, on the other hand, has sold his soul to Versace (for a pretty penny, I might add).  Holy grail of winter jackets after the fold.

Grail status flight parka

Grail status flight parka

All I need is to find this in size Small or Medium and I can die a happy man.

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One Response to “Cloak A/W ’04”

  1. GeorgeG Says:

    Yeah, I have that in leather, and 6 years later it’s still awesome to put on.

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